Medical care for our pets has come a long way through the years but the cost for pet health care has only increased exponentially. This September take a moment to get into the spirit of National Pet Insurance Month and familiarize yourself with the financial possibilities. No pet parent should ever have to make a difficult decision with their finances weighing in.

With several large companies providing pet health insurance, it is easier today to find the coverage that fits you and your pet the best. Yet, this can still be a very overwhelming process. Luckily, sites such as “Pawlicy Advisor” are designed to help your pet’s health insurance shopping turn into a hassle-free experience. This site in particular is an online pet insurance marketplace which allows you to compare different policies and offers. After answering a few choice questions to better narrow the results, you’re able to browse the best options available to you.

However, perhaps the question in mind is first whether or not you should invest in pet health insurance for your pet. The answer is undoubtedly yes as having insurance for your pet can be financially beneficial especially during those accidental moments. If you are having doubts though, it is always best to do your research. Read what others have to say about their experience or ask a friend about how their pet health insurance has helped them.

Here, at Chino Hills Animal Hospital, we welcome all patients with varying pet health insurance coverage. No matter how your pet is covered, we are ready to serve your pet’s medical needs. So, this September before the holiday season begins, consider gifting your pet a policy that works best for you both. Stop by our office today to pick up a few pamphlets to help you learn more about pet health insurance.

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