* please note this release applies to all pets of listed clients

    This document states that Chino Hills Animal Hospital ("CHAH") is not responsible for the products received through online pharmacies and further informs clients of the potential risks of using outside pharmacies. It is our responsibility to advise you of risks associated with outside pharmacies such as, they often face problems with pharmacy boards for the states in which they operate. Because online pet pharmacies are not allowed to purchase from prescription and product manufacturers in bulk, they must resort to buying them illegally from secondary sources like other animal hospitals and foreign countries, bypassing FDA requirements of safety, handling, and testing. Many drugs are re-packaged in name-brand bottles with a change in strength (MG/KG) which differ from veterinary dosing, so pets often receive a different dose than prescribed. Online pharmacies also come under scrutiny for potentially-tampered products, sterility, and potency of medications.

    "CHAH" is not responsible for prescriptions from any institutions other than its own. Veterinary protocol require staff to write-up new prescription requests; have them approved by a doctor based on adherence to labwork/exam/safety/the law; filled in-house by a pharmacy technician in a childproof bottle with a label; verified by a doctor for prescription contents matching the directions and the drug on the shelf; and dispensed to a client with explanation of medicine. All this is done to ensure the safety of pets and owners.

    For your convenience we will gladly honor requests from the prescriptions you desire to obtain elsewhere. Please be aware, however, that yearly examinations are required to fill any prescription by veterinary board standards and sometimes, based on the risks associated with a medication or a pet's condition, blood tests may be required for a refill. We will let you know when you are due for your yearly exam and labwork when you get near to the deadline.

    Additionally, we do offer discounts when you buy larger quantities. This can be helpful if you have a pet with a long-term condition. Generally, we give a 10% discount when you buy medication for 4 months or greater and ask that you inform whoever is charging you out to ensure the discount is received. Because some pets receive 1 pill once daily and others receive 3 pills twice daily, we often do not know immediately how long the prescription will last. We are more than happy to give you your discount if you let us know.