Vaccines are an effective way to prevent future diseases and decrease the severity of disease symptoms. Young animals are highly susceptible to infectious diseases due to their undeveloped immune system. A series of vaccinations are recommended to build antibodies within a young pet’s immune system to encourage protection.

In most cases, the first vaccination of the series primes the pet’s immune system while subsequent dosages further stimulate the production of antibodies. It is then important to keep your pet up-to-date on their vaccinations to maintain their protective antibodies.

With any medical treatment, there are associated risks but the majority of pets respond well to vaccines. Pets may commonly experience mild discomfort, low fever, or decreased appetite or activity after receiving a vaccination. These side effects are to be expected and monitored. If your pet begins to undergo a vaccine reaction such as persistent diarrhea or vomiting, swelling around the face, difficulty breathing, or hives at the injection site 4-6 hours post-injection, please contact your local veterinarian. Any veterinarian though will encourage owners to vaccinate their pets to better protect them.

Here, at our Pet Resort, vaccines are the key towards a pet’s admission status. The resort requires canines to be fully vaccinated with Bordetella, Canine Influenza, DA2PP, and Canine Rabies whereas our feline guests need FVRCP and Feline Rabies. Again, these vaccines must be current and updated at least 3 weeks prior to your pet’s admission.

Yet, there are multiple reasons why vaccines are encouraged besides the purpose of admission to our Pet Resort. By building your pet’s antibodies, you are being proactive against several common diseases. Thus, vaccines are a substantially cost-effective way towards lowering the risk of common diseases and illnesses. In addition, the common “core” vaccines (Bordetella, DA2PP, and Rabies for canines and FVRCP and Rabies for felines) are required at many pet care facilities. In the state of California alone, canines and felines alike are required to be vaccinated against rabies.

For these reasons and more, you should contact your local veterinarian today to verify your pet’s vaccination status. We, at Chino Hills Animal Hospital, offer walk-in vaccine services to healthy canines and felines with no history of a vaccine reaction. Owners are able to visit our hospital Monday to Saturday from 8 am-6 pm if your pet needs their next vaccine. Please be aware though if your pet has had a previous vaccine reaction, a scheduled exam will be required in order to vaccinate your pet safely. Call now and keep your fur family protected!

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