Dogs and cats are prime targets for parasites no matter how healthy they are. Parasites do not discriminate between the young and old or the sick and healthy.

Common methods of parasite transmission can range between a pleasant neighborhood walk to an adventure in nature or a playdate with some furry friends to a lazy afternoon nap in your backyard. Parasites are everywhere and difficult to avoid no matter how careful or due diligent we are to exterminate them.

Although Parasites in themselves are a nuisance,what they could possibly carry is even more harmful to our beloved pets. A commonexample is when a tickbites your pet, it is possible for that single tick to infect your pet with Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is treatable but avoidable through preventative measures.

So, it is always important to remain alert and take preventative measures to ensure your pet’s health and safety. Ask your veterinariannowfor more informationon parasite controland to find the best preventative measure for you and your pet.

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