Beginning each day with breakfast and ending with a good night to new and old friends, your pet will be given the highest standard of care by our experienced animal loving staff. Overnight guests are more than welcome to stay with us for as little or as long as needed. We do however encourage all guests to bring their own food to prevent dietary changes. If needed, we do have refrigerators and freezers to store food throughout our facility. In addition, all overnight boarding dogs will receive complimentary daycare access provided they have met the necessary requirements for daycare. Any dogs who have not passed the daycare evaluation will be walked 3 times a day instead. Regardless of their daily activity, each pet will be treated as if they were one of our own.

In order to participate in Boarding, every dog must pass the following requirements:

  • Proof of Current Vaccines:
    • Canines: Bordetella, Canine Influenza, DA2PP, and Rabies
    • Felines: FVRCP and Rabies
  • Up-to-date on Preventative Flea and Tick Control
  • At least be 16 weeks of age
Luxury Suites
If you have the ultimate pampered pup, rest assured our Luxury Suite can accommodate. Our Luxury Suites are exclusive as they provide your dog with a lofted toddler sized bed, personal television, a Bedside Biscuit, an individual webcam for your viewing pleasure and a complimentary exit bath.
Deluxe Suites
Although our Deluxe Suites does not include services such as our Luxury Suites, your pet is still provided a private suite with comfortable bedding to rest during their stay. Each deluxe suite also varies by size to best suit your pet and ensure they feel at ease during their stay.
Cat Condos
Do not forget the kitties though as we offer a Kitty Corner which is located separately from our canine guests. In our Kitty Corner, your cat has the luxury of a small 2 room Cat Condo. A litter box is provided in one room and bedding is provided in the other so your cat is able to feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay.
If your fur child requires medication, we are capable of administering the medication according to your instructions. Please bring your pet’s medication in its original container and inform the receptionist at the time of booking your pet’s reservation.
Deluxe Suite $55/night/pet*
Luxury Suite $75/night/pet*
Cat Condo $40/night/pet
*A second pet from the same family sharing the same Suite will receive 20% OFF.