Slithering through the tall grasses, hiding beneath rocks, or sunbathing in the sun, rattlesnakes can be found most active during the warmer months of the year. However, March and April is typically when one can find a new-born snakelet finding their way. These little ones are often known to be much more dangerous than their older relatives as they are prone to strike first rather than hide or assess a situation. Regardless of the age, size or species of rattlesnake, all of them can provide a poisonous deadly bite to your furry friend.

If you find yourself outside often on hikes or living in an area populated by rattlesnakes, it is encouraged that your four-legged canine companion receive a Rattlesnake Vaccine. The vaccine works by preparing your pet’s immunity to defend against the venom. Be aware though that to be considered fully vaccinated, your pet must initially receive two vaccinations 4 weeks apart. From that point on, you will need to be due diligent in updating their vaccine yearly to maintain their possibly life-saving vaccination.

Nevertheless, it is critical to rush your furry friend to the nearest veterinary hospital even if there was the slightest chance they were bit. Vaccine or not, a rattlesnake bite is considered an emergency situation especially when considering the vaccine does not equate to immunity. The vaccine only slows the venom from entering the bloodstream and spreading throughout your pet’s body. Thus, it’s primary goal is to provide pet parents time to take their companion to a nearby veterinary hospital.

Consequently, owners should always be prepared by not only vaccinating their furry companion but by also being aware of nearby veterinary hospitals including emergency hospitals. Rattlesnakes are frequently found in Southern California and their deadly venom is no myth. Call your local veterinary hospital today and take the first step towards protecting your furry companion.

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