Dr. Grant Dunbar

From an early age, Dr. Grant Dunbar discovered that he had a love for animals; frequently bringing home any stray or abandoned animal that needed a home. This passion then evolved with him spending a majority of his time after school and on the weekends at his father’s hospital developing the skills needed to take care of the animals he cared so much about.

He continued to follow his passion, pursuing a Doctorate degree at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. Dr. Grant Dunbar then went on and completed an internship program at Animal Emergency Medical Center in L.A. focusing on critical care, surgery and internal medicine.

After spending his postgraduate years working as an emergency vet, general practitioner and surgeon, he has moved on to become owner and medical director of Chino Hills Animal Hospital.

Dr. Grant Dunbar looks forward to providing you and your beloved pet with the quality care he has worked most of his life perfecting.

Dr. Theresa Brauer

Dr. Brauer was an animal-loving child with dogs, birds, and hamsters; thus, she isn’t surprised when people bring in every type of furry animal to her. She attended undergraduate and veterinary school in her home state at the University of Illinois where she met her husband who is also a veterinarian.

Helping animals by offering the best care and highest quality treatment is her primary focus in veterinary medicine. She realizes every patient is someone’s beloved pet—whether hamster or dog—so all patients are equally important to her. She is happily married to her husband and resides with their rescued cat, Rudy.

Dr. Trenton Moore

Dr. Moore grew up in Riverside, California on a plot of land behind the Parent Navel Orange Trees; having a large back yard allowed him to have many dogs, mostly golden retrievers, as well as cats, exotic animals/pockets pets and even some injured wildlife that he rehabilitated with the help of his family. Dr. Moore went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in animal science at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a focus in pre-veterinary medicine. After undergraduate, he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of St. Christopher (St. Kitts) in the West Indies. Dr. Moore enjoys spending his leisure time working on his vehicle projects, off-roading, hiking, mountain biking and traveling with his wife, Jaimie. They currently have two dogs (Ottley and Toby), two cats (Maximus and Odin) and a tortoise (Penny). Dr. Moore enjoys practicing high-quality veterinary medicine with compassionate care and is excited to serve the community, caring for furry, fluffy and scaly critters alike.

Dr. Kaylee Otterson

Dr. Kaylee Otterson is excited to help you and your pets! She is happy to treat dogs, cats and many pocket pets. She looks forward to strengthening your bond with your pet through client education and preventative medicine. She completed her undergraduate degree in Animal Science at Cal Poly Pomona. For her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, she went on to graduate from Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. She enjoys spending time with her husband and her Pitbull, Beesly. She also shares her home with a Leopard Gecko, Jimothy. (Can you tell she’s a fan of The Office?) She also likes to spend her free time reading, golfing, and listening/watching anything true crime.

Dr. Joyce Wong

It was at 6 years of age where Dr. Wong visited China, and saw first-hand, a malnourished, pregnant dog covered fleas and mange. It was then that Dr. Wong saw that there needed to be a change, and this need for change was the driving force that made her pursue her Doctorate at Western University College of Veterinary Medicine. She now provides her quality services to your furry family members in need. She is also happy to provide services to people who can only speak Cantonese. Dr. Wong has her own family of 5 at home, including her partner who is also a DVM, her endearing 3-year-old cat named Sesame, her mischievous 1.5-year-old Siamese named Pixar, and finally, her gentle 10-year-old Pittie named Kirin. On her off days, Dr. Wong enjoys enriching hobbies such as baking. Her sweet creations are greatly influenced by the infamous Great British Baking Show.

Dr. Gabriella Hipp

Being influenced by nature documentaries and animal conservationists such as Steve Irwin and Jane Goodall, Dr. Hipp found her calling in the veterinary field at an early age. Since then, her path was clear, pursuing a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in pre-veterinary at Cal Poly Pomona, and then graduating from Western University College of Veterinary Medicine. During that time she also had the opportunity to work in a zoo, doing wildlife rehabilitation. She now works at our practice, providing utmost care to all animals–furry and scaly alike. She is also one of our urgent care doctors here, which is a specialty she has great interest in. Dr. Hipp will continue her veterinary career for a long time to come, but she also envisions herself transitioning careers to become a veterinary professor. She spends her free time reading and playing basketball with her son, AJ, while her 6-year-old chihuahua mix, Mason, provides moral support.

Dr. Theresa Chao

Dr. Chao has always had a strong connection with animals at a young age. Her interest toward biology grew as she learned more in school, leading her to pursue the field of veterinary medicine. She completed both her undergraduate and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from UC Davis. She is very excited to serve the community and help animals and owners in need. In her spare time, Dr. Chao enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with her furry family–Isky the scruffy terrier and Quinoa the black kitty.